Teenage Cancer Trust response to the Children, teenagers and young adults cancer statistics report 2021

Our response to the Children, teenagers and young adults UK cancer statistics report 2021.

Policy and campaigns

“This is the first UK-wide report on children, teenagers and young adult (TYA) cancers in a decade and it is the first report to combine the analysis of data through the child to TYA age spectrum. We welcome the insight this report provides in helping us understand the progress that has been made in cancer care across UK, as well as area’s where improvement is still necessary. 

“The increased survival rates of TYA with cancer shown in the report is hugely positive news (five-year survival for TYA aged 15-24 increased from 79%: 1997-2001 to 87%: 2012-2016) however, cancer remains the leading cause of disease-related death in TYA. Teenage Cancer Trust is committed to providing the specialised, age appropriate care and treatment for young people with cancer, and lobbying for key issues on their behalf, so that we continue to see an improvement in survival outcomes.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has increased pressure on healthcare providers across the UK and Teenage Cancer Trust are determined that young people with cancer are not forgotten. It is vital that we continue to deliver the best possible care and treatment for TYA’s with cancer across the UK - no young person should have to face cancer alone.”