They make sure there are plenty of chances to socialise and stay connected with other people your age. They’ll arrange activities and give practical help about specific issues, like altered appearance and body image. All this support makes huge difference to life with cancer.

Anna Davies, Youth Support Coordinator 

"Being able to encourage, support and build relationships with young people on my Unit is incredible!"

Bex Tivey, Youth Support Coordinator 

"I love getting to know the amazing young people we have the privilege to support in this role"

Caroline Giddins, Youth Support Coordinator 

"It is a real privilege being invited into a young person’s life and it is inspirational seeing them develop and flourish despite what they are going through medically. Doing this job has taught me how precious life truly is."

Chris Layfield, Youth Support Coordinator 

"I have met some of the most inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting…inspiring young people, who set positive outlooks for themselves, who take on challenges and constantly say no to adversity."

Ella Hallpike, Youth Support Coordinator 

"What inspires me the most is the level of resilience the young people and their families demonstrate, whilst being part of an amazing team."

Hannah Lind, Youth Support Coordinator 

"The young people are constantly inspiring me with their resilience and tenacity and often provide a great source of humour and fun on the unit even with all they are going through."

Leonie Oliver, Youth Support Coordinator 

"Working with teenagers and young adults makes it impossible to become bored or complacent in my role."

Lorraine Wright, Youth Support Coordinator 

"It’s the time away from the hospital, when they can be themselves and enjoy life that is the best part of my job – bringing normality to a very abnormal and difficult life experience."

Nicky Everett, Youth Support Coordinator 

"Friends and family often say "I don’t know how you do your job" but the young people keep going everyday, and that’s how I do my job." 

Rónán Kelly, Youth Support Coordinator 

"Observing how young people face their illness with such courage and determination is a real inspiration to me."