Bex has a degree in Psychology and over 12 years experience of working with teenagers and young adults, particularly supporting young people with mental health difficulties, special educational needs and those who have been through traumatic experiences.

My Role

My role is being a friendly face and a listening ear for young people and families, helping to ensure young people's voices are heard, encouraging peer support, and supporting young people to enjoy their lives despite cancer.

I love getting to know the amazing young people we have the privilege to support in this role. I am inspired everyday by their bravery, humour, and amazing attitudes despite this horrible illness. I feel lucky to be able to be a part of their lives, and to be able to offer simple things that can make each day a little easier, whether it's simply something nice to eat or drink, offering an activity on the ward, or having them join us for a great social activity away from the hospital.

Teenage Cancer Trust make it possible for Youth Support Coordinators to support young people to keep hold of their identity throughout their cancer treatment and beyond, to still be themselves.

I work as part of the East Midlands TYA service, with our PTC being split across two cities (Nottingham and Leicester). Our TYA service consists of 3 YSCs, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Lead Nurse and support team, as well as staff from Macmillan and Clic Sargent. We work together to offer support to all young people aged 13 – 24 who are diagnosed with cancer within the East Midlands. As well as considering young people’s medical needs and working alongside the medical team, we work to offer psychosocial and practical support to TYAs, and support other professionals to understand the needs of TYAs, aiming to make the overall experience of care the best it can be for TYAs with cancer.

Why Teenage Cancer Trust matters

I think Teenage Cancer Trust makes a massive difference to young people with cancer. Seeing the young person first, and working hard to support them to keep hold of their identity throughout their experience of cancer. Ensuring they have access to support, and opportunities to make their life and experience the best it can be during such a difficult time. Teenage Cancer Trust work hard to educate others and raise awareness of cancer in Teenagers and Young Adults, and I am very proud to work representing this amazing charity.