They might be treated by cancer specialists who have no experience of working with young people, and aren’t aware of the very specific challenges that come with having cancer when you’re young.

They might never meet another person with cancer their own age, and can feel frightened and alone. Having treatment can mean they miss out on all the normal things you do when you’re young – hanging out with friends, playing sports and having fun.

We want to give control back to young people to enable them to access the best cancer support and care, in the way they want it. This might be having treatment with others their own age in the home-from-home environment of one of our 28 units, or it might be in a local hospital with support from our Nursing & Support Service staff.

We’re lucky to have the amazing support and goodwill of so many of the family and friends of the young people we support, as well as our fantastic partners and other supporters. But right now, we can’t reach every young person who needs our support. 

We won’t stop until every young person in the UK has access to brilliant cancer care and support that’s right for their age group. We can’t get there without you.

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