What’s it like to work here?

Everything we do is guided by our values: we’re determined, united, spirited and kind, and we put young people at the heart of everything we do. Find out more about how we work together, and hear from some of our colleagues. 

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Being a great place to work is really important to us at Teenage Cancer Trust – it’s written into our strategy. 

We believe the best way to achieve this is by having an active listening culture, opportunities for development, pay progression, great management, interesting work, and a good dose of fun. 

We run regular surveys to check in on colleagues’ experience. In the most recent survey (May 2022), 76% of respondents scored 4/5 or 5/5 when asked how connected they feel to their team. 

Teenage Cancer Trust staff supporting at one of our Young Person's event

Our values 

Our united approach to making sure all young people get the very best age-appropriate treatment, care and support makes Teenage Cancer Trust a great place to work. 

We’re a determined bunch, always striving to do our best for young people and their families. 

We’re spirited and that means we have energy and believe in possibilities. We love new ideas and suggestions, and embrace different ways of working. 

And we’re kind to each other and those around us. We treat people with respect, celebrate individuality, and make sure we listen and adapt so we grow together as one organisation. 

Our ways of working

Based on what we’ve learned since March 2020, we have four principles which guide the way we work together. 

  1. Work is a thing we do, not a place we go. This means you’ll be supported and trusted to work in the location where you can use your skills most effectively and contribute to your team and Teenage Cancer Trust – whether that’s in the office, at home, or a combination of the two in agreement with your manager. 

  1. Wherever possible we are location neutral. This means we recruit and retain the best people, wherever they live in the UK. Aside from jobs with a specific geographic remit, we advertise all jobs as home/flexible/office-based to attract the widest pool of talent. 

  1. Technology is a must, not a maybe. This means everyone is equipped to work from home or any other location outside the office if required. People should be able to meet remotely, in person, or a mixture of both at any time. 

  1. Physically being with people and teams still matters. This means that regardless of individual working arrangements, we commit to meeting colleagues in person on a regular basis where it’s appropriate and beneficial to do so. 

What our colleagues say

“The flexibility we have created through our ways of working has meant so many colleagues have been able to make life-changing decisions, including many ‘escapes to the country’ which a few years ago would have been pipe dreams.” Mary Jones, Head of HR & Office