Our staff make a world of difference to the lives of young people with cancer, providing the best possible clinical care, support and advice. They have a wealth of experience in responding to the unique needs of teenagers and young adults.

In partnership with the NHS, Teenage Cancer Trust either fully or partly funds or “adopts” these posts, depending on the needs of the local area.


The nurses we fund have an extremely important job - to make sure young people receive the highest quality of care possible when they’re facing cancer.

As well as offering direct nursing care, they offer emotional and practical support and help them cope with the challenges that cancer brings. They help them continue life as normally as possible or support them to plan their lives after treatment.

They also work with other health professionals to make sure cancer care for young people continues to get better, developing services and teams to meet the needs of young people. It’s thanks to them that we can offer the kind of world-class care we’re proud to call Teenage Cancer Trust care.

We fund 3 different levels of nurses:

  • Clinical Nurse Specialists, who provide direct specialist nursing care and support, often acting as a key worker for young people with cancer
  • Teenage and Young Adult Lead Nurses, who lead service development across local areas and cancer networks. They develop and coordinate teenage and young adult cancer care within Principal Treatment Centres for young people’s cancers and regional cancer centres in local hospitals identified as the best place to provide young people’s cancer services
  • Nurse Consultants, who have a strategic role and work nationally and internationally to develop teenage and young adult care

Meet our nurses

Youth Support Coordinators

Youth Support Coordinators complement the work of our nursing team, providing unique support services for young people with cancer and keeping their lives as normal as possible during treatment. They help young people share their experiences with each other, talk about their fears and in this way help them gain some control over cancer.

They provide an informal and relaxed atmosphere and make the hospital ward a place where teenagers aren’t afraid to go. They arrange activities to keep young people active, engaged and connected with others.

Meet our Youth Support Coordinators 

MDT Coordinators

The multi-disciplinary team (MDT) coordinator, sometimes called the Patient Pathway Coordinator, is pivotal to the care and support provided to young people with cancer in the region.

The MDT Coordinator works with the expert staff and a range of local hospitals identifying young people with cancer who have been diagnosed outside the Principal Treatment Centre and alerting the Teenage Cancer Trust nursing team the moment they are diagnosed to ensure they receive specialist support wherever they are.