Why did I getcancer?

Getting cancer is definitely not your fault. But there are lots of myths out there about how cancer is caused. Read more ›

Types of cancer

Find out about the most common cancers diagnosed in teenagers and young adults. Find out more ›

Treatment: what toexpect

Cancer treatment is different for everyone, but there are certain things you may experience as doctors and nurses work to get you better. Learn more ›

Hannah's story

"If you’d told me I was going to get cancer, I wouldn’t have believed you. Cancer didn’t happen to people like me." Meet Hannah ›

Who can I talk to?

If you think you might have cancer, talking about it can be tough - but the people who care about you will want to know what's on your mind. Find out more ›

Living healthilyduring cancer

Eating, sleeping and exercising can be tough when you have cancer, but it's really important to look after yourself as well as possible during treatment. Learn more ›