About Leukaemia

You might have heard of the word leukaemia, which means cancer of the white blood cells and bone marrow (the spongy stuff at the centre of some bones). Find out more ›

Treatment: what toexpect

Cancer treatment is different for everyone, but there are certain things you may experience as doctors and nurses work to get you better. Learn more ›

Hannah's story

"If you’d told me I was going to get cancer, I wouldn’t have believed you. Cancer didn’t happen to people like me." Meet Hannah ›

Who can I talk to?

If you think you might have cancer, talking about it can be tough - but the people who care about you will want to know what's on your mind. Find out more ›

Join Team TeenageCancer

For every young person we can help, there’s another we can’t. Join us and together we'll make sure no young person has to face cancer alone. Get stuck in ›

Living healthilyduring cancer

Eating, sleeping and exercising can be tough when you have cancer, but it's really important to look after yourself as well as possible during treatment. Learn more ›