Published: Dec-14
Next planned review date: 2017


Why you’re normal

Whatever you feel after being diagnosed with cancer is completely, totally, absolutely, 100%, no-doubt-about-it normal.

Feeling shocked? That’s normal. Feeling scared? Normal. Feeling angry? Normal. Feeling guilty? Normal. Feeling embarrassed? Normal. Feeling jealous of your friends? Normal. Feeling lonely? Normal. Feeling all of these things at once? Normal normal normal.

When it comes to your feelings, there’s no right or wrong. There’s just normal (did we mention that?)

And while you might not enjoy talking about your feelings, it can actually be a pretty powerful medicine. Because cancer changes a lot of things. It can even change your closest relationships. And talking about whatever you’re going through can help you – and the people around you – feel a whole lot better.



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How our supporthelps

Youth Support Coordinators provide support for young people with cancer, keeping their lives as normal as possible during treatment. Meet our brilliant team ›