Published: Dec-14
Next planned review date: 2017


The treatment maze

Cancer is complicated – and so is cancer treatment. There are a lot of different treatments, for one thing. And there’s no one-size-fits-all solution – because every diagnosis is different.

Your general health can affect what’s possible. So can the stage your cancer is at. You might even meet other people who have the same cancer as you but are being treated in a totally different way.

A team of doctors and specialists will work together to decide exactly what’s best for you. It’s really important that you understand what’s planned and why – so never be afraid to ask. It can help to write down questions before your appointments.

And while cancer treatment can be tough at times, remember that everything you’re about to experience is designed with one thing in mind – helping you feel better tomorrow than you did yesterday.


Cancer treatment

There are many different types of cancer treatments available, and a team of doctors and specialists will work together to decide what's best to treat you. Learn more ›

Emotional support

It’s ok not to feel ok. From doing things that make you happy to shouting when you're angry, there are lots of ways to stop cancer getting you down. Get help ›