Sun safety

Ideal for year 7 & 8 (P7 * S1) 

Skin cancer is the 2nd most common cancer for teenagers and young adults (aged 15 – 34) in the UK; more than 2 teenagers and young adults are diagnosed every single day. However, skin cancer is actually one of the most preventable cancers- and this is where you come in! We’ve created a whole host of exciting and easy to use resources so that you can teach sun safety in schools. We’ve got 2 lesson plans which take the shape of 2 PowerPoint presentations with accompanying worksheets, 1 teachers’ pack and an excellent new film. As well as this, we’ve got some leaflets and a selection of posters that you can order for FREE! 

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What is cancer?

Ideal for year 9 (S2) 

We have created 2 lesson plans so that you can explore what cancer is. Students will consider how they understand the word ‘cancer’ and where these views have come from. They will then explore the truth behind a variety of cancer myths and learn about what cancer actually is, explaining this in their own words to cement their understanding. In part 2 students will learn about the signs of cancer in young people and what to do if they have concerns about their own or others health.

What is cancer: Lesson plan 1 - PDF
What is cancer Lesson plan 2 - PDF
What is cancer: Resource sheet 1 - Cancer in young people - PDF
What is cancer 1: Resource sheet 2 - Memory alley activity - PDF
What is cancer: True or false worksheet - PDF
What is cancer: True or false answers and difficulty - PDF
What is cancer: True or false - PDF
What is cancer: Support sheet 3 - True or false statements record - PDF
What is cancer: Support sheet 5 - Learning outcomes - PDF
What is cancer: Lesson plan curriculum links - PDF
What is cancer: Notes - PDF
Teachers guidance for creating a safe environment - PDF

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School presentation

Ideal for year 10 and above (S2 and above)

Across the UK hundreds of education establishments have hosted a Teenage Cancer Trust education presentation. Why not join them and invite us in to further strengthen the support you offer to your students. Arm your young people with the skills to understand cancer and empower them to take responsibility for their health.


Education drama

Ideal for Key Stage 4/5 (S3-6) pupils

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‘Other People’ is a poignant, educational, funny and factual 35 minute drama that follows Laura’s cancer journey. We share in her diagnosis, treatment and recovery and get a first-hand look at how other people react to her situation. From concerned parents to fake friends and a total loser of a boyfriend, Laura navigates it all!

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The Other People Scheme of Work has been designed to be taught in its entirety or as a ‘pick and mix’ to allow teachers to tackle topics relevant to their students, using the film as a stimulus. Topics include: relationshipscommunicationbody image and building resilience.

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HPV and cervical cancer lesson plans

Teenage Cancer Trust has worked with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to produce 2 lesson plans aimed at raising awareness of HPV, the importance of the vaccination and screening. Lesson 1 is designed to be taught to y8/s1 students, ideally prior to being offered the HPV vaccine, to encourage understanding and open discussion about the HPV vaccination. Lesson plan 2 is designed to be taught to year 10/s3 and above, to remind students about the implications of HPV, importance of the vaccination and how screening can help. Both lesson plans have accompanying resources and support information for teachers.

Featuring curriculum links, commonly asked questions, resource sheets, a powerpoint presentation, letter to parents and teachers guidance for creating a safe environment.

Featuring curriculum links, commonly asked questions, HPV and cervical cancer factsheet, symptoms infographic, screening infographic, factsheet, powerpoint presentatIon, letter to parents and teachers guidance for creating a safe environment.  

For additional resources, please visit Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.