As with any other organisation or company, our logo and branding are valuable tools that we use to make ourselves easily recognisable and easy to remember. As a charity, it’s particularly important to have an eye-catching and memorable identity so that we stand out in a crowd. 

That’s why we launched a new identity for Teenage Cancer Trust in 2012. We were proud recipients of the Marketing Design Award for Rebrand in 2012. 

Our logo

Our logo was designed to represent who we are as an organisation. The ‘T’ symbol represents the teenagers and young adults that we support, and the 3 main colours of our logo were carefully chosen to represent aspects of the charity:

  • Red in the top bar represents action, vitality, urgency and youth
  • Paler blue in the middle bar represents out heritage and is a nod to our old identity which heavily featured this colour. 
  • Dark blue represents our services, and nursing and health care teams in our units and across the country.

Using our logo

If you would like to use our logo to support a fundraising activity, we ask you to use our in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust logo. 

We have also prepared some downloadable guidelines for logo use.